The Mentorship Society at the Charles Drew Medical Society

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Mentorship Society

An experienced physician, Dr. Ludlow Creary leverages more than five decades of experience as the medical director of Visiting Angels and executive secretary of the Minority Health Foundation. Outside of his professional work, Dr. Ludlow Creary supports a number of charitable organizations, including the Charles Drew Medical Society.

An affiliate of The National Medical Association, the Charles Drew Medical Society represents the interests of African American physicians and patients in the Los Angeles region. A 501(c) 3 nonprofit, the organization has grown to become a leading advocate of parity and quality of care in the health care field since its founding in 1948. The society’s members include active and retired physicians as well as medical students.

Members of the society benefit from practice development, educational initiatives, and a mentoring program. The mentoring program seeks to make a direct impact on the number and quality of physicians in the Los Angeles area. Designed for students at the medical school, high school, middle school, and elementary school levels, the program connects mentors with promising students. For additional information on the program or to get involved, visit